End of An Error (re- issue)

by Cortney D. Bonner

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At one point in time, everyone has made an error or two, some where along the way. To err is human…. blah, blah blah. Making a mistake is fine. But repeating the same mistake over and over, is not a mistake. It is a conscious decision. That is all. So, as it has been noted, discussed and argued across the globe for the past month or so, military action, albeit warranted, is an dreadful option without a single upside. Whether or not the use of military force is still an on the table, has yet to be concluded. Personally, I would not wish the responsibility of making that decision on anyone……….except the people who campaigned for the job and got it! In a statement void of emotion, it is this writer’s opinion that under no circumstance whatsoever should the world’s undisputed military power or the executors of that power hesitate or reveal indecision publicly at anytime in any way.

Of course, putting our citizens in harms way is a difficult choice to make. Notably, getting the policy right is the primary objective, but you cannot be all “willy-nilly” about it. Policy by definition means a definite course of action adopted for the sake of expediency. In other words, behind closed doors you can be shakin’ in your Timberlands. However, in public our leaders should never appear afraid, ambivalent, apprehensive, badgered, bashful, browbeaten, bullied, capricious, cowardly, cowed, cowering, coy, daunted, demure, diffident, fainthearted, fearful, feeble, frightened, gentle, having cold feet, humble, intimidated, irresolute, milquetoast, modest, mousy or nervous.

Cartoonist depicts Obama’s challenges after the longtime U.S. ally Britain via it Parliament voted against war.

Wait! There’s more.  I’ll continue with my favorite: pusillanimous, shaky, shrinking, soft, spineless, submissive, timorous, trembling, unassertive, unassuaged, unnerved, vacillating, wavering, weak, or yellow.  But don’t get me started.  I’m just sayin’,  It’s irresponsible and dangerous.  Beyond that, any acknowledgement or discussion of Syria/Russia will be addressed later.

President Rouhani after winning Presidential Election
President Rouhani after winning Presidential Election

Most likely, today will be a great day for news,  I’m sure there will be more issues to discuss tomorrow considering President Obama is in New York attending the U.N. assembly.  He has agreed to meet with newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Rhodes to briefly discuss Iran’s nuclear program.  Their meeting should yield plenty meat for pundits tomorrow.  This article was originally published on The Hardcore Political Agenda on September 9, 2013.  This is an amended issue.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pleads his case against Syria to Congress/Telegraph UK
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pleads his case against Syria to Congress/Telegraph UK

​On Thursday January 24, 2013, at the nomination hearing for the United States Secretary of State, U.S. Senator John Kerry began his opening statement with these words: “Global leadership is a strategic imperative for America, not a favor we do for other countries. It amplifies our voice, it extends our reach. It is the key to jobs, the fulcrum of our influence, and it matters. it really matters to the daily lives of Americans.”  Therefore, it should be duly noted that historically, America is purposeful for America and shall forever remain its own top priority.

​Since, its inception, America has diligently pursued a multitude of goals limited and nationalistic in view. Granted, once the early settlers embarked upon its shores, it was apparent this idea called America was far too large and too great to be confined within its physical borders.   It was inevitable. The country was destined to expand.

Without delay, many men, suddenly inspired by a far reaching spirit of adventure, began to explore their surroundings. In the name of freedom, emboldened by their belief in the God given “manifest destiny” that birthed their sense of privilege, the pioneers proudly proclaimed themselves and the United States of America limitless. Notably, the concept of “Manifest Destiny” and “American Exceptionalism”, was discussed further in depth in our Putin Scolds U.S. and Obama, which was published on September 12, 2013. As a result, the subsequent pursuits of the nation have been solely grounded in an agenda for American supremacy.

Manifest Destiny Cover
The Cover of Manifest Destiny docstoc

​However, the world has changed and the current state of global affairs may require America to look to the past in order to expand its scope for the future. Not long ago, the United States was the catalyst of several great diplomatic initiatives.  Needless to say, the Marshall Plan, Bretton Woods, President Nixon’s relations with China, the Egyptian Israeli Peace Treaty and the German Reunification were all examples of great diplomacy.  As it seems, an  all-encompassing quest for supremacy can blind a superpower as well as make it forget how it became one.

President Barack Obama Salutes as he exists Marine One
President Barack Obama Salutes as he exists Marine One

​So, as it stands alone, at center stage, America is uniquely burdened with the task of policing the globe and establishing order throughout. Notwithstanding, flexing its military might to solve each and every disagreement will prove to be both financially and morally depleting for the U.S..  As a matter of fact, in an unprecedented military campaign, the United States has been involved in a military action every 40 months since 1963.   Clearly lacking and in need of less contentious alternative, this great nation should once again revisit its past “era”of diplomacy in an effort to do whatever is needed to sustain a peaceful coexistence for all of the world’s nations and its global counterparts.

An American Soldier stands at lookout post on foreign soil.
An American Soldier stands at lookout post on foreign soil.

Consequently, the responsibility of diplomacy lands squarely on its shoulders because as Secretary of State John Kerry stated: “Global leadership is a strategic imperative for America.”  Comparatively, diplomacy makes a world void of constant military action possible. In this case, adopting a foreign policy grounded in diplomacy is in America’s best interest and should become its number one priority.
Therefore, the far reaching, ever expanding, limitless nature once proclaimed that propelled America to its current place in the world, must be channeled into expanding the depth of its relationships internationally. That type of expansion would be beneficial to all sovereign countries. In the past, America has been its own first priority.

U.S. Drone Navy
U.S. Navy Drone

Now that America has the world’s most dominant military and is the world’s largest economic power, it should continue its expansion in the form of relations for the purpose of diplomacy.  Since America has always been capable of foreseeing opportunities beneficial to America, then it should clearly see that an American agenda rooted in world diplomacy is in America’s best interest, not the military action it is in preparation for today.   Certainly, the time has come to put an end to this “error”.


Any thoughts?

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