Bring That Beat Back

 Once again, it is not being said, we know! 2 + 2 is 4 every time. Say WORD!  You see, there has been a storm fuming inside of me. It was looking for a way out. The storm and I were in accord. Sadly, the means by which the expulsion would occur was undetermined until an impassioned friend of mine from high school rang the clarion and demanded action! That’s what’s happenin’! #schoolhouserock

Yeah, sure, she was raising a sad but interesting point. Of course, she was, and she was not the only one. Many of my FB fam had expressed vehement discontent over the lack of attention, response or something, anything to what is going on in these divided states of America. In short, I felt that she was talking to me so I began to write.    Understand. The fact that words must be written at length to initiate the solidarity she and many of us believe should be present at this time is as chilling as it is telling. With that being said, my childhood friend referenced the support of the same-sex marriage SCOTUS decision expressed on FB via their profile pics. No doubt, she was saddened by the fact that despite the tragedies witnessed over the past several weeks, the response to these atrocities paled in comparison.

Although it is mind boggling, it is true that the “rainbow” is synonymous with the LGBT community. The same cannot be said for the red, black and green in the black community as far as this issue is concerned in this day and time. 

Vividly, I recall the powerful movement and culture of black nationalism  that re-emerged in the latter part of the 80’s and early 90’s (H.U. Stand Up!)  Please do not misunderstand me. I am simply lamenting over the bright spots of my youth. Now now Howard U or any HBC for that matter, owned a monopoly on the celebration of black pride. We were all involved and played a role as we witnessed the beauty of the self expression and solidarity that is undoubtedly lacking in this deafening silent moment.  For one, the music played a major role in the movement and is traditionally the impetus of legitimate revolutions. What say you of the music presently being promoted? Nuff said! I agree. 

Understandably, each generation is deserving of its own unique voice. However, while the message of solidarity and celebration of black pride is absent from the music blaring over the air waves and in the clubs, should there not still be some type of uplifting cadence or verbal expression of the community at this time? Wasssup Black? Peace out!  Granted, while slang is simultaneously exclusive and inclusive, it is an integral component of any community or collective, but what is being said? What is the exchange in the community today? I believe there is none and, by the chance I am mistaken and there is some dialogue present during this period,  riddle me this Batman: Is that exchange positive, constructive or progressive?

Surely, as is true with any movement worth a dam, it boils down to leadership. Where are those called to lead? No Malcolm, Martin or even Chuck D is present OUTFRONT, to galvanize the people. 
Furthermore, the black church, overall, does not have the influence it once had. May be in Charleston or in some southern states, the church is still deemed the pillar of the community. Apparently, at best, the church down hurrrrr any way, has become the venue and setting of some unholy war!   



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I am an inspirational, motivational and spiritual speaker. I am currently a partner of Merchant Funding Resource LLC. Our company invests in products, individuals or ventures that not only yeild monetary wealth but physical and spiritual wealth as well.

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