The U.S. Agenda

Cortney D. Bonner

Before I delve into this extensive explanation, I must admit,  I was highly critical of President Obama’s “tango” performance in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  More specifically, let’s just say I’m not referring to his mis- steps on the dance floor.   Nevertheless, I fully understand why he did it and why he did not dismiss his itinerary and return home after the terrorist bombings in Brussels.

Obama's Two Step
Obama’s Two Step in Buenos Aires

With that being said, all who are in opposition of the POTUS’ trip to South America have either forgotten or have failed to realize what the purpose of the trip. For that matter, these critics have lost sight of the bigger picture and have to realize that you cannot have your “cake” and eat it too.

Understand. The United States of America is a capitalist country! If you do not know that, now you do! For the individuals who are critical of this trip and grasp the “capitalist country concept” sit down and read!  Apparently, some of you, this includes members and supporters on both sides of the aisle, need a refresher course on capitalism.

However, before we go to “back to school”, I need to clear the air. My comments are not in defense of President Obama. This commentary was written for all of you kids that want to sit at the adult table who cant cook or did not help pay for the turkey, dressing or the cranberry sauce. This is a letter to help you “wipe da col’ out ya eyez ” and wake up! Contrary to what you believe, America is not the United States. Yeah, that ain’t a typo. Read it again. America is an ideal. America is a front. The United States is the real deal.

Essentially, all of that freedom you love so much, costs. The Latin America trip is about money. Cuba and lifting the embargo was about money. Think! Consider the major events over the lasts three years. People who live near a port in this country have seen a lot of work going on down by the docks. Why? There’s work down there because a fleet of ships are about to hit our shores. The Panama Canal has been expanded. Why?

Panamax in Panama
Panamax in Panama

This reconstruction is the largest project on the site since it was completed in 1914. There is now an additional lane that will permit MORE traffic. Currently, the existing locks of the canal provide for the passage of vessels that can carry up to 5,000 TEUs or are 20 Foot Expansion Units. That 20 feet long 8 feet high containers carrying all that uppity crap you consume from other countries.

Well after the expansion, the “Post Panamax” will be able to provide for nearly 3 times the amount of containers equal to 13,000 – 14,000 TEUs. The Pan-Panamax’s expansion will have a massive impact on economies of scale conducting business in the international community.  Oh yeah, China put up $ 50 billion to build a canal in Nicaragua (the 1st choice for a canal I 1903) two years ago.   Funny, they never mention that when you hear about the China slow down.

As we segue into the next portion of this overblown tirade, remember the canal?  Now pivot towards Asia, Southeast that is. The United States, under the direction of the Obama Administration, began this pivot as a early as 2011 when the U.S. military began stepping up its defense partnerships in the region. If you recall, when Obama entered office, there were some serious fiscal constraints.  So when finances  get tight, what do you do?  You generate an alternative, supplemental or new channel of income.

Fast forward to 2016, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is now underway. The TPP is a free trade agreement between Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and the United States. That equates a significant portion of the Pacific Rim. If you were in China facing north, turned east then headed south, you’d be knee deep in Australia and New Zealand I. A heartbeat.

Eastern Sector of Pacific Rim
Southeastern Sector of Pacific Rim

It’s chess not checkers. Let us scroll back to the beginning of this text. The President of the United States is on a South American trip. Critics and those oblivious to what the United States is all about, think the POTUS just went down there for dancing lessons. Are you familiar with the Latin American Summit or the Summit of the Americas? Not even the one held in Colombia in 2012? Oh! I forgot. The summit was in Cartegna, Columbia that year and the U.S. Secret Service had the whole prostitution scandal thing.

U.S. Secret Service
U.S. Secret Service

Ok. Well that year, the Latin leaders arrived with harsh criticism of President Barack Obama for the 50 year U.S. economic embargo on Cuba and threatened to cease having meetings if the U.S. did not consider revisions of its Cuba policy. The U. S. expelled Cuba from the summit in 1962. Latin leaders questioned the purpose of the summit if Cuba was disinvited. Furthermore, in 2009 the same leaders voted to reinstate Cuba.

President Obama and Raul Castro met and shook hands at Nelson Mandela’s Funeral Ceremony in December 2014

As a result, Cuba hosted the summit in 2015. Undoubtedly, President Obama got the message and in December of 2014 the U. S. announced renewed diplomatic relations with Cuba. Now that may not sound like much to you here in the states, but in Latin America, that was a pretty big deal.

In fact, not only was it a celebration, FARC, the Colombian guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, went to Havana and announced an unilateral indefinite cease-fire in addition to ongoing peace talks hosted in Cuba. Wow! That must be something when your suggestion of squashing a beef causes other people with beefs unrelated to you to do the same.

Are you getting any of this? It don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine. It’s either cloudy, raining or it’s not! This is about bread, cheese, cabbage, clams, scratch , dough…you know? So when you visit the home of someone you’re about to do business, you’re cordial, not festive but definitely not rude.  You partake in their cherished traditions and respectful of their hospitality.

Tim Cook Apple Inc. CEO
Tim Cook Apple Inc. CEO

Undoubtedly, the tragedy in Brussels was unfortunate. Nevertheless, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, doesn’t have to jump in his car, drive down to the factory or FoxCon, yell and tell the workers to start making more iPhones iPads and ApplePay Cards.

Furthermore, there is no new idea Obama can offer that has not been done, tried or is not already in the works by U. S. forces in some form or fashion right now. So grow up. Tragedies happen everyday. I pray that God comforts the family and loved ones of the victims of the bombings in Brussels.  This vicious attack is just yet another  reminder that this ISIS situation is a 247-365-52 ordeal that has become the new normal.  Here’s some food for thought: Understand.  While you may hear every single detail of ISIS’s attacks and not that of the U.S. Military and Allied Forces does not mean the good guys are not gaining any ground.

Brussels Terrorist Bombing Aftermath

In short, the POTUS is in South America for a reason. Whatever that reason is, the plan has been in the making for years and he’s suppose to abandoned that for what? Wake up! Get your head in the game. The United States of America does not operate from a religious or spiritual base. The United States is a capitalist country. From which base do YOU think The U. S. operates?



Any thoughts?

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