Hello Dorothy!

Funny, in every epic story, poem, film or movie I ever saw, the hero always had what he needed to save the day. No matter how hard and far he searched, everything he needed had been by his side or inside of him since the beginning of the story.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy could have returned home anytime she chose. She had the shoes! No one told her of the great capability she possessed, but the two most powerful entities in all of Oz were trying to take those ruby red slippers off of her feet.

Whatever it is you need, in order to be what you are destined to be, whatever it is you need to do what you were chosen to do, is already in your possession. You were born with it. Start looking inside and find the Dorothy in you.


Published by: cortneydanielbonner

I am an inspirational, motivational and spiritual speaker. I am currently a partner of Merchant Funding Resource LLC. Our company invests in products, individuals or ventures that not only yeild monetary wealth but physical and spiritual wealth as well.

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